Get Involved and Tell Your Representatives the Affordable Homeownership Access Act Matters to You!

Using your voice is easy. Follow these steps to find your representative and send them an email in support of H.R. 3464.

Not Sure Where to Start? Check Out this Step-by-Step Guide on Emailing Your Representative!

Step 1: Find your representative.

Click the button below to enter your zip code to find your representative.

Step 2: Start an Email

Under your representative’s image, you will see a phone and email icon. Click the email icon to start sending a message.

Step 3: Use Your Voice

After confirming your zip code and entering your information, it’s time to send your message. We’ve made it easy with sample text you can use to email your representative — all you need to do is copy and paste!

Sample Email Copy

“The undersigned is a supporter of the Seller Finance Coalition (SFC).  It is my understanding that representatives of SFC had an opportunity to meet with your staff recently to discuss H.R. 3464 and their request that Congressman____________________ become a co-sponsor of this bipartisan bill. H.R. 3464 was introduced by Andy Barr and Vicente Gonzalez.

This Bill seeks to increase the exemption from 3 to 24 sales in a 12-month period without any cost or risk to the taxpayers. This bill and the regulatory relief contained therein would allow me to offer more homes for sale to owner occupants.

Seller financing is an important method for enabling buyers to become homeowners, as it fills a gap in the marketplace that institutional and bank lenders are not able to meet.

I would like to thank the Congressman _____________________for the work (s)he is doing on behalf of small business owners throughout our great state.”